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    • Deciding in Partitionable Networks 

      Friedman, Roy; Keidar, Idit; Malki, Dalia; Birman, Ken; Dolev, Danny (Cornell University, 1995-11)
      Motivated by Chandra and Toueg's work, we study decision protocols in a model that closely approximates "real" distributed systems. Our results show how the weakest failure detector and associated consensus algorithm ...
    • Failure Detectors in Omission Failure Environments 

      Dolev, Danny; Friedman, Roy; Keidar, Idit; Malkhi, Dahlia (Cornell University, 1996-09)
      We study failure detectors in an asynchronous environment that admits message omission failures. In such environments, processes may fail by crashing, but may also {\em disconnect\/} from each other. We adapt Chandra and ...