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    • Finding Minimal Perfect Hash Functions 

      Karplus, Kevin; Haggard, Gary (Cornell University, 1984-09)
      A heuristic is given for finding minimal perfect hash functions without extensive searching. The procedure is to construct a set of graph (or hypergraph) models for the dictionary, then choose one of the models for use ...
    • Formal Model of MOS Clocking Disciples 

      Karplus, Kevin (Cornell University, 1984-08)
      This paper presents a formalization of clocking disciplines used to prevent race conditions in VLSI circuits. A signal-labeling scheme for the two-phase clocking discipline informally described in Mead and Conway [MC] ...
    • ROPE: A New Twist in Computer Architectures 

      Karplus, Kevin; Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1987-11)
      Supercomputer architectures are not as fast as logic technology allows because memories are slow than the CPU, conditional jumps limit the usefulness of pipelining and prefetching mechanisms, and functional-unit parallelism ...