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    • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.19, No.2/3 (Autumn 1984): Geology at Cornell on the Move 

      Rhodes, Frank H. T.; Turcotte, Donald F.; Brice, William R.; Oliver, Jack; Brown, Larry; Isacks, Bryan L.; Karig, Daniel E.; Bassett, William A.; Bird, John M.; Weathers, Maura S.; Kay, Robert W.; Kay, Suzanne Mahlburg; Bloom, Arthur L.; Cisne, John L.; Bird, John M. (Internet-First University Press, 1984)
      IN THIS ISSUE: Section I. Geology and the Cornell Department: The Ascendency of the Geological Sciences /2 Frank H. T. Rhodes ... Snee Hall: Bigy Beautiful, Friendly, Functional /5 ... Engineering and the Geological Sciences ...
    • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.27, No.3/4 (Spring/Summer 1993): Probing Earth's Processes 

      Isacks, Bryan L.; Hale,Richard; Thomas, Robert J.; Fish, Michele D.; Brown, Larry D.; Barazangi, Muawia; Bird, John M.; Cathles, Lawrence M., III; Hauser, Ernest C.; Bassett, William A.; White, William M.; Turcotte, Donald L. (Internet-First University Press, 1993)
      IN THIS ISSUE: Probing Earth's Processes /2 (Cornell geologists travel far and wide, interpreting subtle clues to learn how the earth works.) ... Mountains, Climate, and Global Change /3 (Mountain ranges affect weather and ...