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    • Design and Evaluation of an Extensible Web and Telephony Server based on the J-Kernel 

      Spoonhower, Daniel; Czajkowski, Grzegorz; Hawblitzel, Chris; Chang, Chi-Chao; Hu, Deyu; von Eicken, Thorsten (Cornell University, 1998-11)
      This paper describes the design and performance of the J-Server, an integrated web and telephony server that allows untrusted Java servlets to be dynamically uploaded to extend the server's functionality. The J-Kernel ...
    • Implementing Multiple Protection Domains in Java 

      Hawblitzel, Chris; Chang, Chi-Chao; Czajkowski, Grzegorz; Hu, Deyu; von Eicken, Thorsten (Cornell University, 1997-12)
      Safe language technology can be used for protection within a single address space. This protection is enforced by the language's type system, which ensures that references to objects cannot be forged. A safe language alone, ...