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    • CORC at Cornell Project: Final Report 

      Calhoun, Karen; Hsu, Martha; Jiang, Yumin; Powell, Jill; Schnedeker, Don; Stansbury, Pam; Walters, Bill (Cornell University Library, 1999-12)
      CORC?the Cooperative Online Research Cataloging project?is a collaborative research initiative of the OCLC Office of Research and about 150 participating institutions, including Cornell. It provides Web-accessible shared ...
    • CUL Task Force on Patron Record Retention: Report 

      Koennecke, Jesse; Lamb-Deans, Debra; Walker, Kizer; Walker, Martha; Hsu, Martha (Cornell University Library, 2003-02)
      This is the report of the task force charged to examine patron data retention in light of changes in federal laws that make it possible for law enforcement officials to request patron records from libraries much more easily ...