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    • A Cavalcade Of Clusters: The Interplay Between Atomic And Electronic Structure In Complex Intermetallics 

      Henderson, Ryan (2013-01-28)
      What drives the stability of complex intermetallic compounds? Many, if not most, metals and alloys crystallize in one of the familiar body-centered cubic (bcc), face-centered cubic (fcc), or hexagonal close-packed (hcp) ...
    • A Conversation with Art Ruoff 

      Ruoff, Arthur L.; Hoffmann, Roald (Internet-First University Press, 2014-10-01)
      To supplement an oral history interview with Professor Ruoff (interviewed by Roald Hoffmann), additional background resources are included: List of publications (cv), and articles that appeared on the Cornell Chronicle and ...
    • A Conversation with Roald Hoffmann 

      Hoffmann, Roald; Widom, Ben (Internet-First University Press, 2006-09)
      Sponsored by the Oral History Project of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University, led by Charles Wilcox and Kelly Strickland, this presents an extended interview with a senior member of the ...
    • Hydrides At High Pressures; An Evaluation Of "Chemical Precompression" On The Way To Metallic Hydrogen 

      Gonzalez Morelos, Paulina (2011-01-31)
      In this dissertation, we present a theoretical study of compounds rich in hydrogen, focusing on their crystal structure and potential metallization as pressure is applied. Chapter 1 is an introduction to metallic hydrogen; ...
    • Mind and Memory: Explorations of Creativity in the Arts and Sciences 

      Hoffmann, Roald; West, Paul; McClane, Kenneth; DeVoogd, Timothy; Ackerman, Diane; Drell, Persis; Ambegaokar, Vinay; Stucky, Steven; Moon, Francis; Suber, Byron; Kord, Victor; Ammons, A. R.; McConkey, James; Eisner, Thomas (Internet-First University Press, 1996)
      English 301, "Mind and Memory: Explorations of Creativity in the Arts and Sciences," Spring 1996, M-W 2:55-4:10 p.m. (Lectures on Monday, 2:55-4:10 p.m.) Creativity is the attribute of the mind that enables us to make ...
    • Modeling Electron Correlation In Quantum Chemistry 

      Neuscamman, Eric (2011-08-31)
      Accurately predicting the effects of correlations caused by strong interactions between electrons represents one of the key unsolved challenges in quantum chemistry. This thesis details theoretical developments addressing ...
    • One culture: creative modes common to the arts and sciences 

      Hoffmann, Roald (1985-02-06)
      Hoffmann discusses the rift between scientists and humanists. He presents three case studies of chemistry, poetry, and visual arts and describes the similarities common to these fields.
    • Partitioning Molecular And Surface Environments: Practice And Approximations 

      Schwarz, Kathleen (2014-05-25)
      The physics of complex environments, though poorly understood, plays a critical role in a wide range of systems from the biological to the technological. Despite the importance of these systems, they are poorly understood. ...
    • Roald Hoffmann papers, 1964-1984. 

      Hoffmann, Roald (1964)
      Notebook No. 1 “Early 1964” Bound Boorum & Pease Standard Figuring Book No 1602½, pp. 1-152. Harvard University, 1964. Condition: good This notebook contains research results (primarily summaries of extended Hückel ...
    • Roald Hoffmann Symposium Concert 

      Hoffmann, Roald (Internet-First University Press, 2014-07-21)