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    • Design and Performance of Horus: A Lightweight Group Communications System 

      Van Renesse, Robbert; Hickey, Takako M.; Birman, Kenneth P. (Cornell University, 1994-08)
      The Horus project seeks to develop a communication system addressing the requirements of a wide variety of distributed applications. Horus implements the group communications model providing (among others) unreliable or ...
    • Incorporating System Resource Information into Flow Control 

      Hickey, Takako M.; Van Renesse, Robbert (Cornell University, 1995-02)
      Upcall-based distributed systems have become widespread in recent years. While upcall-based systems provide some obvious advantages, experiences with these systems have exposed unanticipated problems of unpredictability ...
    • Performance of the Horus Asynchronous Group Communication System under HighLoad 

      Hickey, Takako M.; van Renesse, Robbert (Cornell University, 1996-02)
      Horus is an asynchronous group communications system designed to support a variety of distributed and parallel applications. This paper reports the performance of continuous $n \times n$ multicasts for a Horus protocol ...