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    • Availability and Consistency in a Partitionable Low Bandwidth Network 

      Hickey, Takako (Cornell University, 1998-08)
      The Internet is a partitionable low bandwidth network. Two computers connected by the Internet could temporarily become unable to communicate for various reasons, from a failure at either end, to overloading of an intermediate ...
    • Horus: A Flexible Group Communications System 

      Van Renesse, Robbert; Birman, Kenneth P.; Glade, Bradford B.; Guo, Katie; Hayden, Mark; Hickey, Takako; Malki, Dalia; Vaysburd, Alex; Vogels, Werner (Cornell University, 1995-03)
      The Horus system offers flexible group communication support for distributed applications. It is extensively layered and highly reconfigurable, allowing applications to only pay for services they use, and for groups with ...