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    • Deterministic Simulations of PRAMs on Bounded Degree Networks 

      Herley, Kieran T.; Bilardi, Gianfranco (Cornell University, 1988-11)
      The problem of simulating a PRAM with $n$ processors and memory size $m \geq n$ on an $n$-node bounded degree network is considered. A scheme is presented which simulates an arbitrary PRAM step in $O ((\log n \log m)/\log ...
    • Deterministic Simulations of Shared Memory on Bounded Degree Networks 

      Herley, Kieran T. (Cornell University, 1990-02)
      The Parallel Random Access Machine (PRAM) is an abstract parallel machine consisting of a synchronous collection of $n$ processors connected to a shared memory of $m$ cells. The essential feature of the PRAM is that the ...
    • Improved Bounds for the Token Distribution Problem 

      Herley, Kieran T. (Cornell University, 1989-10)
      The problem of packet routing on bounded degree networks is considered. An algorithm is presented that can route $n$ packets in $O$(log $n + K)$ time on a particular $n$-node expander-based network provided that no more ...