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    • Low-level programming for a massively parallel fine-grain computer: the Microflow approach 

      Hendren, Laurie J.; Nicolau, Alexandru; Solworth, Jon A.; Xavier, Patrick G. (Cornell University, 1987-03)
      A new programming language $MFL^{3}$ is described, which, while low level, combines both message passing and shared memory models. We examine both the programming style and implementation issues of such a language. The ...
    • Parallelizing Programs with Recursive Data Structures 

      Hendren, Laurie J. (Cornell University, 1990-04)
      Interference estimation is a useful tool in developing parallel programs and is a key aspect of automatically parallelizing sequential programs. Interference analysis and disambiguation mechanisms for programs with ...
    • Recursive Data Structures and Parallelism Detection 

      Hendren, Laurie J. (Cornell University, 1988-06)
      Interference estimation is a key aspect of automatic parallelization of programs. In this paper we study the problem of estimating interference in a language with dynamic data-structures. We focus on the case of binary ...