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    • Aspects Of The Ricci Flow 

      Tran, Hung (2014-05-25)
      This thesis contains several projects investigating aspects of the Ricci flow (RF), from preserved curvature conditions, Harnack estimates, long-time existence results, to gradient Ricci solitons. Recently, Wilking [98] ...
    • The Heat Equation Under The Ricci Flow 

      Bailesteanu, Mihai (2011-05-31)
      This paper has two main results. The first deals with determining gradient estimates for positive solutions of the heat equation on a manifold whose metric is evolving under the Ricci flow. These are Li-Yau type gradient ...
    • Heat Kernal Analysis On Weighted Dirichlet Spaces 

      Tasena, Santi (2011-05-29)
      This thesis is concerned with heat kernel estimates on weighted Dirichlet spaces. The Dirichlet forms considered here are strongly local and regular. They are defined on a complete locally compact separable metric space. ...
    • Hedging In Levy Markets 

      Kirac, Yusuf (2014-05-25)
      This dissertation examines the hedging process in L´ vy markets. It consists of e three self-contained chapters. In Chapter 1, we study some results from Malliavin calculus and their applications to the hedging problem. ...
    • Leonard Gross interview January 17, 2002 

      Gross, Leonard (2002-01-17)
      Interview conducted by Eugene Dynkin with Leonard Gross on January 17, 2002.
    • Probabilistic Models For Population Dynamics 

      Bessonov, Mariya (2013-08-19)
      Two interacting particle systems that serve as probabilistic models for population dynamics are studied in this work. The quadratic contact process is a stochastic spatial model for a population in which each individual ...
    • Random Walks On Some Classes Of Solvable Groups 

      Zheng, Tianyi (2013-08-19)
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