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    • An Analysis of the Total Least Squares Problem 

      Golub, Gene H.; Van Loan, Charles (Cornell University, 1980-02)
      Totla least squares (TLS) is a method of fitting that is appropriate when there are errors in both the observation vector $b (mxl)$ and in the data matrix $A (mxn)$. The technique has been discussed by several authors ...
    • A Hessenberg-Schur Method for the Problem AX + XB = C 

      Golub, Gene H.; Nash, Stephen; Van Loan, Charles (Cornell University, 1978-10)
      ONe of the most effective methods for solving the matrix equation AX + XB = C is the Bartels-Stewart algorithm. Key to this technique is the orthogonal reduction of A and B to triangular form using the QR algorithm for ...
    • Unsymmetric Positive Definite Linear Systems 

      Golub, Gene H.; Van Loan, Charles (Cornell University, 1978-09)
      Is it necessary to pivot when solving an unsymmetric positive definite linear system $Ax = b?$ Define $T = (A + A^{T})/2$ and $S=(A+AA^{T})/2$. It is shown that pivoting is unnecessary if the quantitity is $\Vert S T^{-1} ...