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    • An Algorithm for Processing Program Transformations 

      Efremidis, Sofoklis G.; Gries, David (Cornell University, 1993-10)
      An algorithm for processing program transformations as described by the transform construct is presented. The algorithm constructs a coordinate transformation of an abstract program based on a set of transforms and ...
    • AML: Attribute Grammars in ML 

      Efremidis, Sofoklis G.; Mughal, Kahlid A.; Reppy, John H. (Cornell University, 1993-12)
      Attribute grammars are a valuable tool for constructing compilers and building user interfaces. This paper reports on a system we are developing, called AML (for Attribution in ML), which is an attribute grammar toolkit ...
    • On Program Transformations 

      Efremidis, Sofoklis G. (Cornell University, 1994-06)
      In understanding complex algorithms, the notions of encapsulation and modularization have played a key role. An algorithm is broken into several parts or modules, and understanding of each part is independent of others. ...