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    • Combinatorial Problems in Matrix Computation 

      Edenbrandt, Anders (Cornell University, 1985-07)
    • Predicting Fill for Sparse Orthogonal Factorization 

      Coleman, Thomas F.; Edenbrandt, Anders; Gilbert, John R. (Cornell University, 1983-10)
      In solving large sparse linear least squares problems $Ax \cong b$, several different numeric methods involve computing the same upper triangular factor $R$ of $A$. It is of interest to be able to compute the nonzero ...
    • Quotient Tree Partitioning of Undirected Graphs 

      Edenbrandt, Anders (Cornell University, 1984-12)
      The partitioning of the vertices of an undirected graph, in a way that makes its quotient graph a tree, mirrors a way of permuting a square symmetric matrix to allow its factoring with little fil-in. We analyze the ...