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    • Backdoors in the Context of Learning 

      Dilkina, Bistra; Gomes, Carla P.; Sabharwal, Ashish (2009-04-09)
      The concept of backdoor variables has been introduced as a structural property of combinatorial problems that provides insight into the surprising ability of modern satisfiability (SAT) solvers to tackle extremely large ...
    • Exploiting Structure In Combinatorial Problems With Applications In Computational Sustainability 

      Dilkina, Bistra (2012-01-31)
      Combinatorial decision and optimization problems are at the core of many tasks with practical importance in areas as diverse as planning and scheduling, supply chain management, hardware and software verification, electronic ...
    • Optimal Network Design for the Spread of Cascades 

      Sheldon, Daniel; Dilkina, Bistra; Elmachtoub, Adam; Finseth, Ryan; Sabharwal, Ashish; Conrad, Jon; Gomes, Carla P.; Shmoys, David; Allen, Will; Amundsen, Ole; Vaughan, Buck (2010-04-10)
      We introduce a new optimization framework to maximize the expected spread of cascades in networks. Our model allows a rich set of actions that directly manipulate cascade dynamics by adding nodes or edges to the network. ...