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    • Cornell University Library Partnership Assessment Tools 

      Berger-Eden, Barbara; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Koltay, Zsuzsa; Li, Xin; Lyons, Curtis; Mericle, Danielle; Steinhart, Gail; Weissman, Ed; Zheng, Liren (2015-05)
      In 2012 Cornell University Library (CUL) created two assessment tools, drawing heavily on work published in the United Kingdom. These tools are meant to be used to evaluate partnerships at multiple points in their life ...
    • DataStaR: Using the Semantic Web approach for Data Curation 

      Khan, Huda; Caruso, Brian; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Dietrich, Dianne; Lowe, Brian; Steinhart, Gail (2010-12)
      In disciplines as varied as medicine, social sciences, and economics, data and its analysis are an essential part of researchers’ contributions to their respective fields. While sharing research data for review and analysis ...
    • Digital Research Data Curation: Overview of Issues, Current Activities, and Opportunities for the Cornell University Library 

      Steinhart, Gail; Saylor, John; Albert, Paul; Alpi, Kristine; Baxter, Pam; Brown, Eli; Chiang, Kathy; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Hirtle, Peter; Jenkins, Keith; Lowe, Brian; McCue, Janet; Ruddy, David; Silterra, Rick; Solla, Leah; Stewart-Marshall, Zoe; Westbrooks, Elaine L. (2008-06-20)
      Advances in computational capacity and tools, coupled with the accelerating collection and accumulation of data in many disciplines, are giving rise to new modes of conducting research. Infrastructure to promote and support ...
    • e-Clips 

      Cline, John; Corson-Rikert, Jon (2006-12-15)
    • The Portal: A Flexible Technology for Managing Journal Access Information 

      Caruso, Brian; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Ochs, Mary; Lowe, Brian (2006)
      Web-based portals bring together information from many sources and add value to that information by providing a single browsing interface and more consistent display of individual content items. However, designing a portal ...
    • LD4L: Linked Data for Libraries 

      Warner, Simeon; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Rayle, Lynette; Younes, Rebecca; Folsom, Steven; Chew, Chiat Naun (2015-05-15)
      In this forum a number of Cornell-based speakers discuss different aspects of the LD4L project.
    • Planning Information Infrastructure through a New Library Research Partnership: Interim Report, July 2005 

      McCue, Janet; Lust, Barbara; Lowe, Brian; Westbrooks, Elaine; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Webb, Frances; Paulson, Joy (2007-01-15)
      The Cornell Language Acquisition Laboratory and Albert R. Mann Library are in the midst of developing an innovative collaboration between a research laboratory and an academic library to plan for the data preservation and ...
    • Report of the Life Sciences Working Group 

      Chiang, Kathy; Brown, Helen-Ann; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Devare, Medha; Davis, Phillip; Koltay, Zsuzsa; Schlabach, Marty; Solla, Leah; Whitaker, Susanne (Cornell University Library, 2004-09)
      This is a report on the Cornell University Library activities in response to two linked faculty initiatives, the Cornell Genomics Initiative (CGI) and the New Life Sciences Initiative (NLSI). The Cornell University Library ...
    • SGER: Planning Information Infrastructure Through a New Library-Research Partnership [final report] 

      McCue, Janet; Lust, Barbara; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Lowe, Brian; Paulson, Joy; Steinhart, Gail; Webb, Frances; Westbrooks, Elaine (2007-05-08)
      The purpose of this Small Grant for Exploratory Research was to explore the issues surrounding a new type of collaboration between scientists and research libraries to support the preservation, discovery, and sharing ...