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    • The Case for PL/I as the Language for Instruction in Programming 

      Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1983-08)
    • COFE: A Prototype Memo and Mail System for Non-Programmers 

      Conway, Richard W.; Worona, Steven L. (Cornell University, 1982-03)
    • A Conversation with Richard W. Conway 

      Conway, Richard W.; Gries, David (Internet-First University Press, 2015-07-21)
      Dick Conway came to Cornell in 1949, as a freshman. He received the first PhD from Operations Research and Industrial Engineering (1958), was instrumental in the creation of the CS Department (1965) and was a founding ...
    • COPE: A Cooperative Programming Environment 

      Archer, James E. Jr.; Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1981-05)
    • The CORE User Interface 

      Archer, James E. Jr.; Conway, Richard W.; Shore, Andrew I.; Silver, Leonard S. (Cornell University, 1980-09)
      The distinctive characteristic of the CORE program development environment is its ttolerant user interface. This paper describes that interface. In addition to its unusual response to incomplete and incorrect constructions ...
    • CUPL - An Approach to Introductory Computing Instruction 

      Conway, Richard W.; Maxwell, W. L. (Cornell University, 1968-01)
      CUPL is a second-generation language and processor designed specifically for introductory instruction in computer programming. It combines a severely simple syntax (based loosely on PL/I) and very extensive tutorial and ...
    • Design and Implementation of a Diagnostic Compiler for PL/I 

      Conway, Richard W.; Wilcox, Thomas R. (Cornell University, 1971-09)
      PL/C is a compiler for a dialect for PL/I. The design objective was to provide a maximum degree of diagnostic assistance in a batch processing environment. For the most part this assistance is implicit and is provided ...
    • Display Condensation of Program Text 

      Archer, James E. Jr.; Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1981-08)
    • An Interactive Version of the PL/C Compiler 

      Conway, Richard W.; Moore, Charles G., III; Worona, Steven L. (Cornell University, 1977-02)
      The paper discusses a conceptual model of a terminal as an "internal procedure" in an interactive system for a block-structured language. A specific implementation is described, following this model, for the Cornell ...
    • On the Implementation of Security Measures in Information Systems 

      Conway, Richard W.; Maxwell, W. L.; Morgan, Howard L. (Cornell University, 1971-06)
      The security of an information system maay be modelled by a matrix whose elements are decision rules and whose row and column indices are users and data items respectively. A set of four functions are used to access this ...
    • PL/CS - A Disciplined Subset of PL/I 

      Conway, Richard W.; Constable, Robert L. (Cornell University, 1976-11)
      PL/CS is an instructional dialect of PL/I. It is defined by selection features of PL/I, and then restricting the manner in which those features can be used. The implementation is an error-repairing compiler based on PL/C, ...
    • PL/CT - A Terminal Version of PL/C - Release 2 

      Moore, Charles G. III; Worona, Steven L.; Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1975-09)
      PL/CT is a special version of PL/C designed to permit programs to be run interactively from a typewriter terminal. It is completely compatible with normal PL/C - that is, the source languages accepted by PL/C and PL/CT ...
    • Program Predictability and Data Security 

      Moore, Charles G. III; Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1974-09)
    • A Proposal for an Interactive Version of PL/C 

      Conway, Richard W.; Wilcox, Thomas R.; Worona, Steven L. (Cornell University, 1971-12)
    • Selective Partial Access to a Database 

      Conway, Richard W.; Strip, David (Cornell University, 1976-03)
    • Selective Security Capabilities in ASAP - A File Management System 

      Conway, Richard W.; Maxwell, W. L.; Morgan, Howard L. (Cornell University, 1970-06)
    • Simulation of the Job Shop Process 

      Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1970-06)
    • Static Restriction of the GOTO Statement 

      Bishop, T.; Bodenstein, M.; Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1977-10)
    • A Survey of Graduate Programs in Computer Science 

      Conway, Richard W. (Cornell University, 1978-11)
    • The System Architecture for CORE: A Tolerant Program Development Environment 

      Archer, James E., Jr.; Conway, Richard W.; Shore, Andrew I.; Silver, Leonard S. (Cornell University, 1979-10)
      CORE is a program development environment intended primarily to explore a highly tolerant useer interface. In some respects the internal architecture is also novel. It permits a highly interactive and supportive user ...