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    • Covering a Triangle with Disks Centered on its Boundary 

      Connelly, Robert; Freimer, Robert (Cornell University, 1991-11)
      Let $\cal P$ be a triangle and $\cal D_{1}, \cal D_{2}$ be disks centered on the boundary of $\cal P$ with radii $r_{1}$, $r}_{2}$. The disks are chosen so that $\cal D_{1}$ $\cup$ $\cal D$$_{2}$ covers $\cal P$ and ...
    • Face Vectors Of Subdivisions Of Balls 

      Kolins, Samuel (2011-05-29)
      A fundamental invariant of a subdivision of a space into cells is its collection of face numbers or f -vector. A major area of study is understanding the possible f -vectors of various types of subdivisions. Most of this ...
    • Structural Stability 

      Aquino, Wilkins; Connelly, Robert; Earls, Christopher J.; Ewert, Eduard; Guan, Y.; Guggenberger, Werner; Hoefinger, Gerhard; Iuorio, O.; Jia, Xin; Li, Z. J.; Lin, T.J.; Mang, Herbert A.; Moen, Cristopher; Obrebski, Jan B.; Planinc, Igor; Rodman, Urban; Saje, Miran; Sangree, R. H.; Schafer, Benjamin W.; Schweizerhof, Karl; Seif, M.; Shifferaw, Y.; Steinboeck, Andreas; Stull, Christopher J.; Tekleab, Medhanye B.; Yang, Yeong Bin; Zeinoddini, V.; Zupan, Dejan (Internet-First University Press, 2008-05)
      IASS-IACM 2008 Session: Structural Stability -- Session Organizer: Herbert MANG (Technical University of Vienna) -- Plenary Lecture: Abstract, Slides and Video: "Answers to three not quite straightforward questions ...