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    • Optimization of Oral Insulin Drug Delivery via Inhalation 

      Chin, Karen; Mulchan, Nicholas; Hong, Stephen; Yoon, Stephen (2013-05-30)
      Drug inhalation is quickly emerging in the field of drug delivery techniques, providing localized treatment for various types of lung disorders. To expand oral drug delivery, this project will focus on inhaled insulin ...
    • Photothermolysis Treatment of Acne and the Effects on Healthy Surrounding Tissue 

      Chin, Karen; Huang, Wilson; Peng, David; Shum, Jennifer (2008-07-23)
      Acne vulgaris, mostly known as pimple, is common among humans in various ages. Many treatments are available to treat acnes. With the current most effective treatment of ace, isotretinoin, having side effects, photothermolysis ...