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    • A Conversation with Claire Cardie 

      Cardie, Claire; Constable, Robert L. (Internet-First University Press, 2015-09-09)
      Claire Cardie discusses the role of Gerard Salton, natural language processing and the creation of the Information Science Department.
    • Proposal for A Framework for the High-Precision Identification ofLinguistic Relationships 

      Cardie, Claire; Mardis, Scott (Cornell University, 1997-11)
      Current research in Information Retrieval and Information Extraction demands high-precision syntactic and semantic information from natural language text. We propose a plan for developing a framework to identify, with ...
    • Proposal for an Interactive Environment for Information Extraction 

      Cardie, Claire; Pierce, David (Cornell University, 1998-09)
      Information extraction systems have been successfully deployed for domains ranging from terrorist activities to medical records. However, building these systems remains costly for users who lack annotated training corpora ...
    • Reconcile: A Coreference Resolution Research Platform 

      Stoyanov, Veselin; Cardie, Claire; Gilbert, Nathan; Riloff, Ellen; Buttler, David; Hysom, David (2010-04-13)
      We have created a software infrastructure called Reconcile that is a platform for the development of learning-based noun phrase (NP) coreference resolution systems. Reconcile’s architecture was designed to facilitate the ...
    • Weighting Unusual Feature Types 

      Howe, Nicholas; Cardie, Claire (Cornell University, 1999-03)
      Feature weighting is known empirically to improve classification accuracy for k-nearest neighbor classifiers in tasks with irrelevant features. Many feature weighting algorithms are designed to work with symbolic features, ...
    • Word Sense Disambiguation Using Numerical Constraint Satisfaction 

      Komissarchik, Julia; Cardie, Claire (Cornell University, 1997-02)
      In this paper we present a description and evaluation of a word sense disambiguation mechanism that is an extension of the work by Ide and Veronis. The mechanism's underlying approach is a numerical constraint satisfaction ...