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    • A Dirty-Slate Approach to Routing Scalability 

      Ballani, Hitesh; Francis, Paul; Wang, Jia; Cao, Tuan (2008-07-10)
      This paper presents Virtual Aggregation, an architecture that attempts to tackle the Internet routing scalability problem. Our approach does not require any changes to router software and routing protocols and can be ...
    • Fault Tolerance For Main-Memory Applications In The Cloud 

      Cao, Tuan (2013-05-26)
      Advances in hardware have enabled many long-running applications to execute entirely in main memory. With the emergence of cloud computing, thousands of machines could be made available to deploy such applications with ...
    • Virtual Aggregation: A Configuration-only approach to Reducing FIB Size 

      Francis, Paul; Ballani, Hitesh; Cao, Tuan (2008-07-02)
      This report describes how an ISP can reduce its FIB size, and in so doing delay the time at which the ISP must upgrade its routers. The approach, called Virtual Aggregation (VA) works with existing routers. An ISP can ...