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    • Building a Virtually Fault-Tolerant System 

      Bressoud, Thomas C. (Cornell University, 1997-01)
      All schemes for implementing fault-tolerance involve some form of replication. Replicas are assumed to fail independently, and each replica performs the same computation. Replicas may execute in parallel or, in the case ...
    • Hypervisor-based Fault-tolerance 

      Bressoud, Thomas C.; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1995-03)
      Protocols to implement a fault-tolerant computing system are described. These protocols augment the hypervisor of a virtual machine manager to coordinate a primary virtual machine and its backup. The result is a ...
    • The Trainset Railroad Simulation 

      Brown, Richard A.(Editor); Schneider, Fred B.(Editor); Aizikowitz, Jacob I.; Bressoud, Thomas C.; Lekas, Tony (Cornell University, 1993-02)
      A prototype real-time process control application is described. A simulator for this application is available--its interface is specified.