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    • Constrained Graphcut Texture Synthesis 

      Ramanarayanan, Ganesh; Bala, Kavita (Cornell University, 2005-04-14)
      This paper describes constrained graphcut texture synthesis (CGS), a graphcut-based synthesis algorithm that creates output textures satisfying constraints. We show that constrained texture synthesis can be posed in a ...
    • A Conversation with Charlie Van Loan 

      Van Loan, Charlie; Bala, Kavita (Internet-First University Press, 2015-09-15)
      Van Loan discusses his experiences with teaching, writing textbooks, administering degree programs, MatLab, matrices and more.
    • Diffusion Formulation for Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering 

      Arbree, Adam; Walter, Bruce; Bala, Kavita (2009-12-12)
      Materials with visually important heterogeneous subsurface scattering, including marble, skin, leaves, and minerals, are common in the real world. However, general, accurate and efficient rendering of these materials is ...
    • Feature-Based Textures 

      Ramanarayanan, Ganesh; Bala, Kavita; Walter, Bruce (Cornell University, 2004-05-13)
      This paper introduces feature-based textures, a new image representation that combines features and texture samples for high-quality texture mapping. Features identify boundaries within a texture where samples change ...
    • Implementing the Render Cache and the Edge-and-Point Image On Graphics Hardware 

      Velazquez-Armendariz, Edgar; Lee, Eugene; Walter, Bruce; Bala, Kavita (Cornell University, 2005-11-29)
      The render cache and the edge-and-point image (EPI) are techniques that permit high quality rendering at interactive rates of models illuminated with complex ray traced techniques, combining sparse sampling and ...
    • Modeling And Rendering Fabrics At Micron-Resolution 

      Zhao, Shuang (2014-08-18)
      Fabrics are essential to our everyday lives. Recently advances in physically based rendering techniques and computing power have made it possible to accurately model and reproduce their appearance. This has led to many ...
    • Pre-Processing Environment Maps for Dynamic Hardware Shadows 

      Arbree, Adam; Walter, Bruce; Bala, Kavita (Cornell University, 2005-07-09)
      Environment maps are a popular method of reproducing complex natural lighting. However, current methods for hardware environment map shadows depend on significant pre-computation and cannot support dynamic objects. This ...
    • Precomputed & Hybrid Variants of Lightcuts 

      Condon, Timothy; Walter, Bruce; Bala, Kavita (2010-07-25)
      Our extensions to multidimensional lightcuts improve rendering performance using precomputation and hierarchial approaches. The first approach precomputes static illumination of static geometry, but defers the remaining ...
    • Prefiltered Cross-Section Occluders 

      Condon, Timothy; Walter, Bruce; Bala, Kavita; Greenberg, Donald (IEEE Computer Society, 2010-09)
      We introduce an impostor-based visibility technique to provide approximate, average visibility for point-to-cluster and cluster-to-cluster visibility queries. Processing each object in a view-independent manner allows us ...
    • A radiative transfer framework for rendering materials with anisotropic structure 

      Jakob, Wenzel; Arbree, Adam; Moon, Jonathan T.; Bala, Kavita; Marschner, Steve (2010-04-30)
      The radiative transfer framework that underlies all current rendering of volumes is limited to scattering media whose properties are invariant to rotation. Many systems allow for "anisotropic scattering," in the sense ...
    • Real-time Hardware-accelerated Relighting with Approximate Indirect Illumination 

      Hasan, Milos; Pellacini, Fabio; Bala, Kavita (Cornell University, 2005-07-09)
      Deep framebuffer relighting engines are often used to speed up lighting design in geometricallycomplex procedurally-shaded environments where they provide interactive feedback on changes to the direct illumination. This ...
    • Vision Under Changing Scene Appearance: Describing The World Through Light And Symmetries 

      Hauagge, Daniel Cabrini (2014-08-18)
      Change is an inexorable aspect of the world that surrounds us. Night gives way to day as the Earth rotates around its axis, weather changes, buildings decay. All these changes alter the appearance of our surroundings. In ...