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    • The Algorithmic Analysis of Hybrid Systems 

      Alur, Rajeev; Courcoubetis, Costas; Halbwachs, Nicolas; Henzinger, Thomas A.; Ho, Pei-Hsin; Nicollin, Xavier; Olivero, Alfredo; Sifakis, Joseph; Yovine, Sergio (Cornell University, 1994-10)
      We present a general framework for the formal specification and algorithmic analysis of hybrid systems. A hybrid system consists of a discrete program with an analog environment. We model hybrid systems as finite automata ...
    • Automatic Symbolic Verification of Embedded Systems 

      Alur, Rajeev; Henzinger, Thomas A.; Ho, Pei-Hsin (Cornell University, 1995-05)
      We present a model-checking procedure and its implementation for the automatic verification of embedded systems. The system components are described as Hybrid Automata---communicating machines with finite control ...
    • The Benefits of Relaxing Punctuality 

      Alur, Rajeev; Feder, Tomas; Henzinger, Thomas A. (Cornell University, 1994-09)
    • A Determinizable Class of Timed Automata 

      Alur, Rajeev; Fix, Limor; Henzinger, Thomas A. (Cornell University, 1995-03)
      We introduce the class of event-recording timed automata (ERA). An event-recording automaton contains, for every event A, a clock that records the time of the last occurrence of A. The class ERA is, on one hand, expressive ...
    • Hybrid Automata: An Algorithmic Approach to the Specification and Verification of Hybrid Systems 

      Alur, Rajeev; Courcoubetis, Costas; Henzinger, Thomas A.; Ho, Pei-Hsin (Cornell University, 1993-05)
      We introduce the framework of hybrid automata as a model and specification language for hybrid systems. Hybrid automata can be viewed as a generalization of timed automata, in which the behavior of variables is governed ...
    • Logics and Models of Real Time: A Survey 

      Alur, Rajeev; Henzinger, Thomas A. (Cornell University, 1992-01)
      We survey logic-based and automata-based languages and techniques for the specification and verification of real-time systems. In particular, we discuss three syntactic extensions of temporal logic: time-bounded operators, ...
    • Parametric Real-Time Reasoning 

      Alur, Rajeev; Henzinger, Thomas A. (Cornell University, 1993-05)
      Traditional approaches to the algorithmic verification of real-time systems are limited to checking program correctness with respect to concrete timing properties (e.g., "message delivery within 10 milliseconds"). We ...
    • Real-Time System = Discrete System + Clock Variables 

      Alur, Rajeev; Henzinger, Thomas A. (Cornell University, 1994-01)
      How can we take a programming language off the shelf and upgrade it into a real-time programming language? Programs such as device drivers and plant controllers must explicitly refer and react to time. For this purpose, ...
    • A Really Temporal Logic 

      Alur, Rajeev; Henzinger, Thomas A. (Cornell University, 1992-11)
      We introduce a temporal logic for the specification of real-time systems. Our logic, TPTL, employs a novel quantifier construct for referencing time: the freeze quantifier binds a variable to the time of the local ...