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    • An Abstract Semantics for Atoms in Nuprl 

      Allen, Stuart F. (Cornell University, 2006-06-05)
      We provide a supervaluating semantics for treating Atoms abstractly in Computational Type Theory, specifically for Nuprl logics. It supports a principled explanation for desirable gaps in provability without positing novel ...
    • Enabling Large Scale Coherency Among Mathematical Texts 

      Allen, Stuart F.; Constable, Robert L. (Cornell University, 2006-01-27)
      Mathematical and program-code text is unique because significant portions of it can be anchored to counterparts in formal logical theories that are implemented by computer systems. These systems check formal proofs for ...
    • A Nuprl-PVS Connection: Integrating Libraries of Formal Mathematics. 

      Allen, Stuart F.; Bickford, Mark; Constable, Robert; Eaton, Richard; Kreitz, Christoph. (Cornell University, 2003-02-03)
      We describe a link between the Nuprl and PVS proof systems that enables users to access PVS from the Nuprl theorem proving environment, to import PVS theories into the Nuprl library, and to browse both Nuprl and PVS ...