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    • Applying Discourse Semantics and Pragmatics to Co-reference in Picture Sequences 

      Abusch, Dorit (2012-12-15)
      This paper looks at co­‐indexing in pictorial narratives such as comics. Using a formal‐semantic model of the content of pictures, it is argued that depicted objects are existentially quantified, and are identified post ...
    • Bias And Prosody In Japanese Negative Polar Questions 

      Ito, Satoshi (2015-01-26)
      This dissertation investigates the correlation between prosody and the speaker's bias in Japanese negative polar questions (henceforth, NPQs) without a sentence final particle. I argue that the prosodic contrast of the ...
    • Circumstantial and Temporal Dependence in Counterfactual Modals 

      Abusch, Dorit (2012-02-19)
      “Counterfactual” readings of might/could have were previously analyzed using metaphysical modal bases. This paper presents examples and scenarios where the assumptions of such a branching-time semantics are not met, because ...
    • Comments on Enlightened Update 

      Abusch, Dorit; Rooth, Mats (2008-11-16)
    • Possible worlds semantics for pictures 

      Abusch, Dorit (2015-12-06)
      Possible worlds semantics for pictures is reviewed. Pictures are mapped to propositional semantic values by a geometric method. On this basis, an account of the temporal interpretation of pictorial narratives is constructed. ...
    • Presupposition triggering from alternatives 

      Abusch, Dorit (2009-06-28)
      This paper considers a set of presupposition triggers including focus, questions, 'contrastive' statives, and an 'affirmation/negation' construction involving and not, where presuppositions are cancelable. It is proposed ...
    • The Relevance Of Gradability In Natural Language: Chinese And English 

      Xie, Zhiguo (2011-08-31)
      This dissertation explores how the syntax and semantics of gradability contribute to the understanding of other linguistic phenomena. Within this research agenda, I examine three different topics instantiating the interaction ...
    • Triggering from alternative sets and projection of pragmatic presuppositions 

      Abusch, Dorit (Semantics Archive, 2005-03-16)
      This paper takes up the problem from Stalnaker (1974) of deriving the pragmatic presuppositions of verbs such as know, stop and win as conversational implicatures, without hypothesizing a semantic presupposition. I ...
    • Wh-Indefinites: Meaning And Prosody 

      Yun, Jiwon (2013-08-19)
      The dissertation investigates the semantics and prosody of wh-indefinites, i.e. indefinite expressions that are morphologically related to wh-interrogatives. The first part of the dissertation explores the semantics of ...