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    • JRes: A Resource Accounting Interface for Java 

      Czajkowski, Grzegorz; von Eicken, Thorsten (Cornell University, 1998-05)
      In order to better support the Internet the computing model on server systems is undergoing several important changes. First, recent research ideas concerning dynamic operating system extensibility are finding their way ...
    • Resource Control for Database Extensions 

      Czajkowski, Grzegorz; Mayr, Tobias; Seshadri, Praveen; von Eicken, Thorsten (Cornell University, 1998-11)
      While object-relational database servers can be extended with user-defined functions (UDFs), the security of the server may be compromised by these extensions. The use of Java to implement the UDFs is promising because it ...
    • A Software Architecture for Zero-Copy RPC in Java 

      Chang, Chi-Chao; von Eicken, Thorsten (Cornell University, 1998-10)
      RPC has established itself as one of the more powerful communication paradigms for distributed computing. In recent years, object-oriented languages have impacted RPC semantics, with a number of variants providing remote ...