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    • Directory Design and Record Allocation for List and Cluster Files 

      Yang, C. S. (Cornell University, 1976-03)
      Most file organizations for on-line econdary key retrieval consist of two subcomponents - a structural file and a data file. The structural file provides, a physical access path in the data base for each query, so that ...
    • A Theory of Term Importance in Automatic Text Analysis 

      Salton, Gerard; Yang, C. S.; Yu, C. T. (Cornell University, 1974-07)
      Most existing automatic content analysis and indexing techniques are based on word frequency characteristics applied largely in an ad hoc manner. Contradictory requirements arise in this connection, in that terms exhibiting ...
    • A Vector Space Model for Automatic Indexing 

      Salton, Gerard; Wong, A.; Yang, C. S. (Cornell University, 1974-07)
      In a document retieval, or other pattern matching environment where stored entities (documents) are compared with each other, or with incoming patterns (search requests), it appears that the best indexing (property) space ...