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    • On the Complexity of ML Typability with Overloading 

      Volpano, Dennis M.; Smith, Geoffrey S. (Cornell University, 1991-05)
      We examine the complexity of type checking in an ML-style type system that permits functions to be overloaded with different types. In particular, we consider the extension of the ML Type system proposed by Wadler and ...
    • Towards a Notion of Module for Data Abstraction 

      Volpano, Dennis M. (Cornell University, 1989-04)
      Traditionally, programming languages support data abstraction through some kind of module construct for partitioning large systems into manageable units. These constructs typically control access to data since program ...
    • Type Definitions in Polya 

      Volpano, Dennis M.; Gries, David (Cornell University, 1990-01)
      The programming language Polya maintains a clear separation between a type and its implementation through a new construct called the transform. Polya allows user to define their own data types and transforms to implement ...