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    • A Security Architecture for Fault-Tolerant Systems 

      Reiter, Michael K.; Birman, Kenneth P.; Van Renesse, Robbert (Cornell University, 1993-06)
      Process groups are a common abstraction for fault-tolerant computing in distributed systems. We present a security architecture that extends the process group into a security abstraction. Integral parts of this architecture ...
    • Toward Robust High Performance Distributed Services 

      Song, Yeejiun (2011-08-31)
      This thesis presents steps towards simplifying the implementation of robust high performance distributed services. First, we investigate consensus algorithms in the context of fault tolerant systems. Consensus algorithms, ...
    • Towards A Secure Federated Information System 

      Liu, Mon Jed (2012-08-20)
      We are entering an era in which federated information systems are widely used to share information and computation. Federated systems support new services and capabilities by integrating computer systems across independent ...