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    • Dynamics of Water Entry 

      Truscott, Tadd T.; Aristoff, Jeffrey M.; Techet, Alexandra H. (2008-10-10)
      The hydrodynamics associated with water-entry of spheres can be highly variable with respect to the material and kinematic properties of the sphere. This series of five fluid dynamics videos illustrates several subtle ...
    • Quantitative Flow Field Imaging about a Hydrophobic Sphere Impacting on a Free Surface 

      La Foy, Roderick R.; Truscott, Tadd T.; Techet, Alexandra H. (2008-10-10)
      This fluid dynamics video shows the impact of a hydrophobic sphere impacting a water surface. The sphere has a mass ratio of m* = 1.15, a wetting angle of 110 degrees, a diameter of 9.5 mm, and impacts the surface with ...