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    • Securing BGP Using External Security Monitors 

      Reynolds, Patrick; Kennedy, Oliver; Sirer, Emin Gun; Schneider, Fred (Cornell University, 2006-12-21)
      Security modifications to legacy network protocols are expensive and disruptive. This paper outlines an approach, based on external security monitors, for securing legacy protocols by deploying additional hosts that locally ...
    • TAF: A Temporal Adaptation Framework for Hybrid Routing in Mobile AdHoc Networks 

      Ramasubramanian, Venugopalan; Sirer, Emin Gun (Cornell University, 2002-03-05)
      A central challenge in ad hoc networks is the design of routing protocols that can adapt their behavior to frequent and rapid changes at the network level. Choosing between reactive, proactive, or hybrid routing regimes ...
    • Thwarting P2P Pollution Using Object Reputation 

      Walsh, Kevin; Sirer, Emin Gun (Cornell University, 2005-02-23)
      This paper describes a distributed object reputation management scheme that counteracts content pollution in peer-to-peer filesharing systems. The proposed scheme allows honest peers to assess the authenticity of online ...