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    • Network Reputation Games 

      Hopcroft, John; Sheldon, Daniel (2008-10-31)
      Originally, hyperlinks on the web were placed for organic reasons, presumably to aid navigation or identify a resource deemed relevant by the human author. However, link-based reputation measures used by search engines ...
    • Optimal Network Design for the Spread of Cascades 

      Sheldon, Daniel; Dilkina, Bistra; Elmachtoub, Adam; Finseth, Ryan; Sabharwal, Ashish; Conrad, Jon; Gomes, Carla P.; Shmoys, David; Allen, Will; Amundsen, Ole; Vaughan, Buck (2010-04-10)
      We introduce a new optimization framework to maximize the expected spread of cascades in networks. Our model allows a rich set of actions that directly manipulate cascade dynamics by adding nodes or edges to the network. ...