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    • Implementing Fault-Tolerant Distributed Objects 

      Birman, Kenneth P.; Joseph, Thomas A.; Raeuchle, Thomas; El Abbadi, Amr (Cornell University, 1984-03)
      This paper describes a technique for implementing $k$-resilient objects - distributed objects that remain available, and whose operations are guaranteed to progress to completion, despite up to $k$ site failures. The ...
    • An Overview of the Isis Project 

      Birman, Kenneth P.; Abbadi, Amr El; Dietrich, Wally; Joseph, Thomas A.; Raeuchle, Thomas (Cornell University, 1984-10)
      The goal of the ISIS projest is to provide a high-level support for fault-tolerant distributed computing by automatically replicating data and code. The extent to which information is replicated and the physical location ...
    • State Machines and Assertions (An Integrated Approach to Modelingand Verification of Distributed Systems 

      Joseph, Thomas A.; Raeuchle, Thomas; Toueg, Sam (Cornell University, 1985-11)
      This paper describes a methodology for modeling and verifying protocols for asynchronous message passing systems. It combines the techniques of finite state analysis and axiomatic verification. It overcomes the problem ...