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    • Programming Language Translation 

      Qiu, Lili (Cornell University, 1999-05)
      As programming languages become more and more diversified, there is an increasing demand to translate programs written in one high-level language into another. Such translation can help us more effectively reuse the ...
    • Speeding Up Short Data Transfers: Theory, Architectural Support, andSimulation Results 

      Zhang, Yin; Qiu, Lili; Srinivasan, Keshav (Cornell University, 2000-07-13)
      Today's Internet traffic is dominated by short Web data transfers. Such a workload is well known to interact poorly with the TCP protocol. TCP uses the slow start procedure to probe the network for bandwidth both at ...
    • Understanding the End-to-End Performance Impact of RED in aHeterogeneous Environment 

      Zhang, Yin; Qiu, Lili (Cornell University, 2000-07-13)
      Random Early Detection (RED) is the recommended active queue management scheme for rapid deployment throughout the Internet. As a result, there have been considerable research efforts in studying the performance of RED. ...