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    • Application Profiles: Exposing and Enforcing Metadata Quality 

      Hillmann, Diane I.; Phipps, Jon (2007)
      In this paper, we explore a range of issues yet to be addressed in the large-scale use of application profiles. While considerable attention has been paid to human-readable application profiles, there is a growing need ...
    • Building a Platform to Manage RDA Vocabularies and Data for an International Linked Data World 

      Phipps, Jon; Dunsire, Gordon; Hillmann, Diane I. (Journal of Library Metadata, 2015)
      The management of vocabularies in the evolving linked data environment requires different tools and processes than libraries and other memory institutions have used in the past. The RDA Resource Description and Access ...
    • Improving Metadata Quality: Augmentation and Recombination 

      Hillmann, Diane I.; Dushay, Naomi; Phipps, Jon (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2004-10)
      Digital libraries have, in the main, adopted the traditional library notion of the metadata 'record' as the basic unit of management and exchange. Although this simplifies the harvest and re-exposure of metadata, it limits ...
    • Maps and gaps: Strategies for vocabulary design and development 

      Hillmann, Diane I.; Phipps, Jon; Dunsire, Gordon (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2013)
      In this paper we discuss changes in the vocabulary development landscape, their origins, and future implications, via analysis of several existing standards. We examine the role of semantics and mapping in future development, ...
    • A Metadata Registry from Vocabularies Up: the NSDL Registry Project 

      Hillmann, Diane I.; Sutton, Stuart A.; Phipps, Jon; Laundry, Ryan (DC-2006 Conference, 2006)
      The NSDL Metadata Registry is designed to provide humans and machines with the means to discover, create, access and manage metadata schemes, schemas, application profiles, crosswalks and concept mappings. This paper ...
    • The NSDL Registry 

      Hillmann, Diane I.; Phipps, Jon (2006-06-16)
    • The NSDL Registry: An Update 

      Hillmann, Diane I.; Phipps, Jon (2007-08-30)
      Presenting an update of the work during 2006/07 on the NSDL Registry, including new history functionality and multilingual capabilities.
    • Reconsidering Universal Bibliographic Control in Light of the Semantic Web 

      Dunsire, Gordon; Hillmann, Diane; Phipps, Jon (Taylor & Francis, 2012-09-17)
      The goal of universal bibliographic control (UBC) as a world-wide system for the control and exchange of bibliographic information acknowledges the resource discovery metadata requirements of modern, global scale users of ...
    • Versioning Vocabularies in a Linked Data World 

      Hillmann, Diane I.; Dunsire, Gordon; Phipps, Jon (IFLA, 2014)
      Policies regarding change management in open or public vocabularies used in the context of Linked Open Data have lagged behind those driving other web-based communities of practice. A fresh emphasis on vocabulary management ...