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    • Comparison of Vaccine Freezing Methods 

      Matthews, James; Cunningham, Megan; Joslin, Lisa; Peterson, David (2001-04-05)
      We have developed a temperature-sensitive vaccine formulation in a glass vial that needs to be frozen prior to lyophilization.The method for freezing the vial has traditionally been liquid nitrogen tunnel freezing, but ...
    • Table Grape Varieties for Cool Climates 

      Reisch, Bruce; Peterson, David; Pool, Robert; Martens, Mary-Howell (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1993)
      Thousands of tons of grapes are harvested for fresh consumption in New York State. Varieties described here are suited to cool climate growing regions. Some may be suitable for use in the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic ...
    • Wine and Juice Grape Varieties for Cool Climates 

      Reisch, Bruce; Pool, Robert; Peterson, David; Martens, Mary-Howell; Henick-Kling, Thomas (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1993)
      Grape varieties described in this publication include examples from the species Vitis vinifera, Vitis labrusca, and hybrids of native American varieties with V. vinifera. Most of the varieties described here are suited ...