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    • An Authenticated Byzantine Generals Algorithm with Early Stopping 

      Perry, Kenneth J.; Toueg, Sam (Cornell University, 1984-06)
      A protocol that solves the authenticated Byzantine General's Problem is presented. It is proved correct and shown to exhibit early stopping under the condition that fewer than half the processes are faulty.
    • Distributed Agreement in the Presence of Processor and Communication Faults 

      Perry, Kenneth J.; Toueg, Sam (Cornell University, 1984-05)
      A model of distributed computation is proposed in which processes may fail by not sending or receiving the messages specified by a protocol. The solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem for this model is presented. Our ...
    • Early Stopping Protocols for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Agreement 

      Perry, Kenneth J. (Cornell University, 1985-02)
      No abstract available
    • Randomized Byzantine Agreement 

      Perry, Kenneth J. (Cornell University, 1984-03)
      A randomized model of distributed computation was presented in [Rabin83]. This model admits a solution to the Byzantine Agreement Problem for systems of $n$ asynchronous processes where no more than $t$ are faulty. The ...
    • Simple and Efficient Byzantine General Algorithms with Early Stopping 

      Toueg, Sam; Perry, Kenneth J.; Srikanth, T. K. (Cornell University, 1984-07)
      We describe a Byzantine Agreement algorithm, with early stopping, for systems with arbitrary process failures. The algorithm presented is simpler and more efficient than those previously known. It was derived using a ...