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    • Ionic-Liquid-Tethered Nanoparticles: Hybrid Electrolytes 

      Moganty, S.S.; Jayaprakash, J.; Nugent, J.L.; Shen, J.; Archer, L.A. (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2010-10-22)
      A new class of solventless electrolytes was created by tethering ionic liquids to hard inorganic ZrO2 nanostructures (see picture; NIM=nanoscale ionic material). These hybrid fluids exhibit exceptional redox stability ...
    • Nanoscale Organic Hybrid Electrolytes 

      Nugent, J.L.; Moganty, S.S.; Archer, L.A. (WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH, 2010-09-01)
      Nanoscale organic hybrid electrolytes are composed of organic-inorganic hybrid nanostructures, each with a metal oxide or metallic nanoparticle core densely grafted with an ion-conducting polyethylene glycol corona doped ...