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    • Microflow: A Fine-Grain Parallel Processing Approach 

      Solworth, Jon A.; Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1985-11)
    • Optimal Loop Parallelization 

      Aiken, Alexander; Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1988-03)
      Parallelizing compilers promise to exploit the parallelism available in a given program, particularly parallelism that is too low-level or irregular to be expressed by hand in an algorithm. However, existing parallelization ...
    • Percolation Scheduling: A Parallel Compilation Technique 

      Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1985-05)
      Percolation Scheduling (PS) is a new technique for compiling programs into parallel code. It attempts to overcome problems that limit the effectiveness and applicability of currently available techniques. PS globally ...
    • Perfect Pipelining: A New Loop Parallelization Technique 

      Aiken, Alexander; Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1987-10)
      Parallelizing compilers do not handle loops in a satisfactory manner. Fine-grain transformations capture irregular parallelism inside a loop body not amenable to coarser approaches but have limited ability to exploit ...
    • ROPE: A New Twist in Computer Architectures 

      Karplus, Kevin; Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1987-11)
      Supercomputer architectures are not as fast as logic technology allows because memories are slow than the CPU, conditional jumps limit the usefulness of pipelining and prefetching mechanisms, and functional-unit parallelism ...
    • Static Scheduling for Dynamic Dataflow Machines 

      Beck, Micah; Pingali, Keshav; Nicolau, Alexandru (Cornell University, 1989-01)
      Dataflow machines can "unravel" loops automatically so that many iterations of a loop can execute in parallel. Unbounded loop unraveling can strain the resources available on the machine and, in extreme cases, deadlock ...