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    • Meta Clustering 

      Caruana, Rich; Elhawary, Mohamed; Nguyen, Nam; Smith, Casey (Cornell University, 2006-09-29)
      Clustering is ill-defined. Unlike supervised learning where labels lead to crisp performance criteria such as accuracy and squared error, clustering quality depends on how the clusters will be used. Devising clustering ...
    • Paclitaxel Drug Elution from a Biodegradable Stent 

      Lam, Gary; Lee, Jason; Nguyen, Nam; Wu, Kevin (2009-05-08)
      Recently, drug-eluting stents have become a common treatment for coronary heart disease. These stents are usually loaded with a drug that prevents restenosis. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with the placement ...
    • Semi-Supervised Learning With Partially Labeled Examples 

      Nguyen, Nam (2010-08-05)
      Traditionally, machine learning community has been focused on supervised learning where the source of learning is fully labeled examples including both input features and corresponding output labels. As one way to alleviate ...