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    • A Fault-Tolerant CORBA Name Server 

      Maffeis, Silvano (Cornell University, 1996-02)
      OMG CORBA applications require a distributed naming service in order to install and to retrieve object references. High availability of the naming service is important as most CORBA applications need to access it at least ...
    • The Object Group Design Pattern 

      Maffeis, Silvano (Cornell University, 1996-02)
      This paper describes ``Object Group'', an object behavioral pattern for group communication and fault-tolerance in distributed systems. The Object Group pattern allows the implementation of replicated objects, of load ...
    • PIRANHA - A Hunter of Crashed CORBA Objects 

      Maffeis, Silvano (Cornell University, 1996-02)
      No matter how carefully a distributed application has been specified, implemented, and tested, its network objects will crash unexpectedly due to power outages, human lapses, hardware faults, and software bugs. The OMG ...