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    • Collapse of Non-axisymmetric Cavities 

      Enriquez, Oscar R.; Peters, Ivo R.; Gekle, Stephan; Schmidt, Laura; Versluis, Michel; van der Meer, Devaraj; Lohse, Detlef (2009-10-14)
      A round disk with a harmonic disturbance impacts on a water surface and creates a non-axisymmetric cavity which collapses under the influence of hydrostatic pressure. We use disks deformed with mode m=2 to m=6. For all ...
    • Impact of a steel ball on soft sand 

      Mikkelsen, Rene; Bergmann, Raymond; van der Meer, Devaraj; Versluis, Michel; Lohse, Detlef (2007-11-01)
      The movies shows the impact of a steel ball on soft granular matter.
    • On the sound of snapping shrimp 

      Versluis, Michel; Schmitz, Barbara; von der Heydt, Anna; Lohse, Detlef (2007-12-13)
      Snapping shrimp produce a snapping sound by an extremely rapid closure of their snapper claw. Our high speed imaging of the claw closure has revealed that the sound is generated by the collapse of a cavitation bubble formed ...