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    • Kossuth's Address to the People of the United States, 1850 

      Kossuth, Lajos (Phinney & Co., 1852)
      Former regent of revolutionary Hungary (1848-1849), Lajos Kossuth, writes an address to the people of the US following the defeat of Hungarian revolutionary forces. Kossuth praises the ideas of liberty and independence and ...
    • Kossuth's Speech at Dinner Sponsored by U.S. Congress, 1852 

      Kossuth, Lajos (Globe Office, 1852)
      Former leader of revolutionary Hungary (1848-1849), Lajos Kossuth (in exile), appeals to US Congress to help Hungary and other nations in their struggle against European (neo-)absolutism
    • "Retrospect and Prospect," Speech given in Utica, NY, 1852 

      Kossuth, Lajos (C. S. Francis, 1854)
      Hungary's former revolutionary leader, Lajos Kossuth, bemoans the fate of Hungary's crushed revolution of 1848-1849 and expresses bitterness that the US did not come to Hungary's aid then.
    • Speech at the Pittsburgh Banquet, 1852 

      Kossuth, Lajos (Common Council of the City of New York, 1852)
      Lajos Kossuth was the leader of the 1848 revolution in Hungary, which was defeated with the help of imperial Russia in 1849. His speech outlines the goals of the Hungarian nationalist cause to an American audience in 1852, ...