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    • Network Failure Detection and Graph Connectivity 

      Kleinberg, Jon; Sandler, Mark; Slivkins, Aleksandrs (Cornell University, 2002-11-22)
      We consider a model for monitoring the connectivity of a network subject to node or edge failures. In particular, we are concerned with detecting \emph{$(\vareps, k)$-failures}: events in which an adversary deletes up ...
    • The Small-World Phenomenon: An Algorithmic Perspective 

      Kleinberg, Jon (Cornell University, 1999-10)
      Long a matter of folklore, the ``small-world phenomenon'' --- the principle that we are all linked by short chains of acquaintances --- was inaugurated as an area of experimental study in the social sciences through the ...
    • Wavelength Conversion in Optical Networks 

      Kleinberg, Jon; Kumar, Amit (Cornell University, 1998-04)
      In many models of optical routing, we are given a set of communication paths in a network, and we must assign a wavelength to each path so that paths sharing an edge receive different wavelengths. The goal is to assign ...