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    • Cable TV: Money To The People 

      Brom, Thomas; Kirshner, Edward (Working Papers, Cambridge, Mass., 1974)
    • Controlling A City's Wealth 

      Kirshner, Edward; Morey, James (Working Papers, Cambridge, Mass., 1973)
    • Kirshner at Cornell, 1981 

      Kirshner, Edward (1981)
      Edward Kirshner was co-author with Eve Bach, Thomas Brom, Julia Estrella and Lenny Goldberg of The Cities' Wealth, an important statement of alternative municipal policy and governance as applicable to Berkeley, CA in 1975. ...
    • The Potential Of Cooperative Housing 

      Kirshner, Edward; Bach, Eve (Regional .Housing Newsletter, Association of Bay Area Governments, San Francisco, CA., 1974)