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    • Future of Public Services presentation for Academic Assembly 

      Kenney, Anne (2006-02-02)
      In this audio recording of the presentation given to Academic Assembly on Feb. 2, 2006, Anne Kenney, AUL for Instruction, Research, and Information Services, shares her vision of the future of public services over the next ...
    • Get to Know Your AULs 

      Li, Xin; Saylor, John; Rieger, Oya; Krafft, Dean; McCue, Janet; Kenney, Anne; Cartmill, Lee; Tancheva, Kornelia; Cadmus, Femi; Ochs, Mary; Rockey, Steve; Lyons, Curtis; Boettcher, Bonna (Cornell University Library, 2012)
      "Get to Know Your AULs" is a series of informal discussions with pairs of AULs (Associate University Librarians)who briefly explaining their positions and responsibilities, and then answer questions – both from the audience, ...
    • Library All Staff Meeting - April 2012 (audio file) 

      Kenney, Anne (2012-04)
      Anne Kenney's Library All Staff Meeting - April 2012
    • Library All Staff Meeting - January 2012 (audio file) 

      Kenney, Anne (2012-01)
      Audio recording of Anne Kenney's All Staff Meeting from January 2012
    • Library All Staff Meeting - July 2012 (audio file) 

      Kenney, Anne (2012-07-24)
      Library All Staff Meeting, July 2012 (audio file)