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    • Operating System Support for Mobile Agents 

      Johansen, Dag; Van Renesse, Robbert; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1994-12)
      An "agent" is a process that may migrate through a computer network in order to satisfy requests made by its clients. Agents implement a computational metaphor that is analogous to how most people conduct business in their ...
    • Supporting Broad Internet Access to TACOMA 

      Johansen, Dag; van Renesse, Robbert; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1996-07)
      Any provider of software is faced with a problem if that software must be installed on autonomous sites of a large network. This paper reports experiences in addressing this network-software installation- problem for ...
    • A TACOMA Retrospective 

      Johansen, Dag; Lauvset, Kare J.; van Renesse, Robbert; Schneider, Fred B.; Sudmann, Nils P.; Jacobsen, Kjetil (Cornell University, 2001-12-04)
      For seven years, the TACOMA project has investigated the design and implementation of software support for mobile agents. A series of prototypes has been developed, with experiences in distributed applications driving the ...