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    • The Complexity of Quantifier Elimination in the Theory of an Algebraically Closed Field 

      Ierardi, Doug J. (Cornell University, 1989-08)
      This thesis addresses several classic problems in algebraic and symbolic computation related to the solvability of systems of polynomial equations. We develop a parallel algebraic procedure for deciding when a set of ...
    • Parallel Resultant Computation 

      Ierardi, Doug J.; Kozen, Dexter (Cornell University, 1990-01)
      A resultant is a purely algebraic criterion for determining when a finite collection of polynomials have a common zero. It has been shown to be a useful tool in the design of efficient parallel and sequential algorithms ...
    • Quantifier Elimination in the First-Order Theory of Algebraically Closed Fields 

      Ierardi, Doug J. (Cornell University, 1988-11)
      We consider the problem of deciding whether a set of multivariate polynomials with coefficients in any field $F$ have a common algebraic solution. In this paper we develop a fast parallel algorithm for solving this ...