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    • Reducing Multiple Object Motion Planning To Graph Searching 

      Hopcroft, John E.; Wilfong, Gordon (Cornell University, 1984-06)
      In this paper we study the motion planning problem for multiple objects where an object is a 2-dimensional body whose faces are line segments parallel to the axes of $R^{2}$ and translations are the only motions allowed. ...
    • Refinement of Hierarchies of Time Bounded Computations 

      Hartmanis, Juris; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1968-06)
      It is shown that for any "slowly growing" time function $T(n)$ and any $\epsilon > 0$ there exists a computation which can be performed by a multitape Turing machine in time $T(n)\log^{\epsilon}T(n)$ and cannot be performed ...
    • Robust Set Operations on Polyhedral Solids 

      Hoffmann, Christoph M.; Hopcroft, John E.; Karasick, Michael S. (Cornell University, 1987-10)
      We describe an algorithm for performing regularized set operations on polyhedral solids. Robustness of this algorithm is achieved by adding symbolic reasoning as a supplemental step that compensates for possible numerical ...
    • Routing in Networks 

      Borodin, Allan B.; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1981-11)
    • A Subexponential Algorithm for Trivalent Graph Isomorphism 

      Furst, Merrick; Hopcroft, John E.; Luks, Eugene (Cornell University, 1980-06)
    • Triangular Factorization and Inversion by Fast Matrix Multiplication 

      Bunch, James R.; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1972-12)
      The fast matrix multiplication algorithm by Strassen is used to obtain the triangular factorization of a permutation of any non-singular matrix of order n in "greater than" C sub{1}n sup{log sub{2}7} operations, and hence ...